27 January 2023


30 January 2023


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The Marker Spotlight

  • wine cellar with wine bottle and glasses

    Wine Country in the City

    March 02

    Ah, Napa Valley – rolling hills, picturesque towns, and, of course, grapevines as far as the eye can see. Though all of us at The Marker San Francisco and our sister property, Hotel Spero, wish all our guests could experience the beauty and charm of Napa, we understand it may be a tad difficult to squeeze in a day trip amidst all there is to do in the city.

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  • couple at bar

    The Art of Romance

    February 03

    Let’s face it—the “dinner and a movie” date is fine, but not as cool as dinner and an art immersion experience! Whether you prefer Warhol or Renoir, classic or abstract, planning a night that includes food and art should definitely be a part of your dating strategy and will transform a blah and boring evening into an epic opportunity for romance. 

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  • red theater seats

    A Bit of Broadway

    January 06

    One of the best things about being in San Francisco is having quick and easy access to world-class art and cultural events. Many venues around the city are frequent hosts for the best of Broadway’s smash hits, and we here at The Marker San Francisco and our sister property, Hotel Spero, invite you to join us for the following upcoming performances.

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  • christmas gift with bow and pine leaves

    Open These Holiday Packages

    December 02

    This holiday season, you’ll find that the best packages may not be found under a tree. Instead, The Marker is offering some extra special holiday gifts for our guests in the way of whimsical fun and affordable packages. Created with you in mind, we invite you to take advantage of the offers listed below.

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  • harry potter hogwarts

    The Best of the Season

    November 04

    Make this holiday season the most joyful one yet with suggestions from our favorite seasonal activities and live performances.

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  • woman in front of mural

    Marvelous Murals

    October 07

    Even frequent visitors to San Francisco are often unaware that the city is home to literally hundreds of murals scattered throughout. This month, The Marker Hotel and our sister property, Hotel Spero, are pleased to highlight these murals, their locations, and a bit about the artists who created them.

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  • actors jumping on stage

    Best of the Fests

    September 02

    San Francisco hosts a myriad of events and activities for visitors and locals to enjoy, and this month is no exception.

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  • tiki bar drinks

    Dive Into San Francisco’s Tiki Bars

    August 05

    From Mai Tais in Tiki mugs to hurricane glasses filled with blue liquor and tiny, plastic sharks, Tiki drinks are all the rage in San Francisco's bar scene. Check out the list below to explore the Tiki Bars of San Francisco. 

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  • alcatraz island

    Explore the Islands of the Bay

    July 01

    While most visitors to San Francisco are familiar with Alcatraz island, many may not know that the Bay Area is home to many islands, and several of them welcome visitors. 

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  • pride festival

    A Proud Silver Celebration

    June 03

    June 2019 represents a significant milestone in San Francisco’s heritage, and we here at The Marker and our sister property Hotel Spero cordially invite you to join us, along with hundreds of thousands of proud participants and spectators, on June 29-30 for a gala celebration of 50 years of LGBTQIA pride.

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  • street in san francisco

    Lands End: The Path Through the Golden Gate

    May 06

    Part of San Francisco’s allure stems from its proximity to nature. You’re never more than a few minutes from parkland or shoreline; and if you head west down Geary Boulevard, you’ll find the most stunning example of all.

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