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The Marker is a newly renovated piece of San Francisco history, designed to inspire.

Originally built in 1910, and titled the Bellevue Hotel, this staple of the city has over 200 rooms fashioned to inspire business and leisure travelers.

Including 42 suites, and 40 double bedded rooms, The Marker is ready to welcome visitors with impeccable service worthy of the longstanding history of its hospitality.

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Classic meets modern

The Marker is the perfect union between eclectic and contemporary appeal, bridging the connection between the past and the present. Newly designed to serve present-day guests, The Marker is set among a background soft whites and pale grays, along with a fresh color scheme that blends colorful furniture, patterns and lighting together to create a timeless aesthetic.

Located within the heart of San Fransisco’s Theater District, this monument represents the independent spirit of the city with pride. Taking inspiration from the surrounding area, the hotel pays homage to the film noir classic - The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett from the names of various rooms, to the overall aesthetic.

With the presentation of both modern day decor, blended with classic motifs of the hotel’s rich past, The Marker is a space designed with a classic and modern atmosphere for all guests.

The Marker SF - San Francisco StreetThe Marker - San Francisco

San Francisco's

premier location

Located just steps away from Union Square, The Marker is centrally located in one of the most dynamic and iconic neighborhoods in the Bay Area. Guests are encouraged to plan a day shopping, with Union Square's vast collection ranging from flagship designer store locations to local craft boutiques. The area is packed with world-class restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, along with local shows, public parks, and art installations for all entertainment needs.

The Marker SF - Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Engage your mind and body at our 24 hour fitness center, available to all guests of the hotel. Set your temperament for the day with a mission focused workout, and prepare yourself for wherever your day may take you.

The Marker SF - Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

Humans are not the only guests welcome at The Marker, bring your four-legged friend to cuddle up with.

The Marker SF - Sustainability


Taking care of our home matters, so to keep sustainability in mind we offer chilled, filtered FloWater public filling stations in an effort to minimize plastic waste.

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Nestled in the heart of the city, Union Square is a popular destination for travelers seeking an authentic experience. The Marker offers a prime location just steps away from the square's iconic attractions, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the city's timeless charm.

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