tratto private dining space at the marker

Artist Amos Goldbaum Design

Local San Francisco artist, Amos Goldbaum—best known for his T-shirt designs and impactful murals—created custom art pieces for our restaurant and private dining room inspired by the best of San Francisco and Italian culture.

As Tratto's inaugural artist in residence, Goldbaum emphasized panoramic cityscapes in Tratto's main dining room, capturing the iconic vistas, streets, and skylines of San Francisco, including landmarks like Sutro Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid. The mural in our private dining room showcases Goldbaum's reflection on the rituals and processes of food making.

Tratto's interior design is comfortable and bright, reflective of our vibrant neighborhood. The design backdrop for your dining experience, in which Goldbaum's artwork plays a key role, complements the ubiquity of street art throughout the area. Features like modern light fixtures highlight his line work, seen on three large canvases in the main dining room and directly on the walls in the private dining room. The approach is about toeing the line between the traditional and the modern—not overly done, but rather, it presents a contemporary dining experience that's delicious, unique, and memorable.

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